Personalization Delivery Note

Customize your delivery note with LibreOffice and OpenOffice, it's easy!

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Personalization Delivery Note
Developed by WiziShop
Available worldwide


  • Improved customer experience through optimal personalization of delivery notes
  • Access to free and open source software for page layout
  • Intuitive and easy to use system
  • Guarantee of a professional and optimized delivery note
  • Reduction of time spent on delivery note layout


Delivery Note Customization is a powerful tool that allows you to customize the delivery note for orders you send to your customers. You can add additional information such as your logo, company name and address, and links to your social networks and/or website. You can also change the layout and format of the delivery note to make it more personal and easier to read. The process is simple: first, download free software like LibreOffice or OpenOffice to your computer. Once done, login to our system and download the default delivery note template. You can then open this file with your software, add your personal information and the necessary layout before saving it in its new format. Once this step is completed, simply save the modified document on our platform so that it can be accessed from there. Your personalized delivery note will then be automatically generated for each order placed by your customers. You will also be able to print a paper version if needed. With Personalized Delivery Note, you offer your customers a unique and professional experience! It's also a great way to improve your company's overall presentation and visibility with the additional information that can be integrated into the document. Moreover, using a free software such as LibreOffice or OpenOffice is a simple, fast & efficient solution!

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