PayPal (Integral)

Secure and fast payment with PayPal Integral!

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PayPal (Integral)
Developed by WiziShop
Available worldwide


  • Acceptance of secure payments by credit card and Paypal account
  • No registration or setup fees
  • No need for customers to have a Paypal account to pay
  • Graphical and functional optimization of payments on smartphone or tablet
  • Ability to receive payments from anywhere in the world


PayPal Intégral: the classic version of the Paypal payment method PayPal Hosted Solution allows you to accept online payments by credit card and PayPal account in a secure manner. Customers make their payment on PayPal, and are then redirected to your online store. You have no registration or setup fees: you only pay fees when you make your first sales. Please note: - Your customers can pay you even without a PayPal account. - PayPal Integral is graphically and functionally optimized for buyers who visit your online store on a smartphone or tablet.

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