PayPal (Express checkout)

Express payment: fast and efficient!

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PayPal (Express checkout)
Developed by Wizishop
Available worldwide


  • Secure and encrypted payments
  • Optimized and simplified purchasing process
  • Delivery of customer information in real time
  • Worldwide payment acceptance
  • Multilingual customer support


Paypal Express Checkout is the optimized payment option for your business. It allows you to benefit from a conversation rate of around 28% and a simplified and fast shopping experience for your customers. Your store is equipped with the "Express Checkout" button that allows the buyer to be redirected to Paypal without going through the traditional order tunnel. The order is done in just a few clicks! So you don't have to worry about complicated and time-consuming processes that can discourage a potential buyer, because it only takes a few clicks to proceed to payment with ease. Moreover, once the customer has proceeded to the payment via Paypal Express Checkout, Paypal directly transmits all the information related to the customers to your company: their email address, postal address, etc. This makes order management much easier for your company and reduces the time you would have spent manually searching for this information. Finally, thanks to this secure and convenient payment option, your customers can enjoy a quick and easy procedure to make their purchases on your website or online store. In addition, this solution is compatible with a variety of international currencies so that your customers can pay with the currency that best suits them.

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