Facebook Simplified Registration

Your customers sign up easily with Facebook Simplified Registration!

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Facebook Simplified Registration
Developed by WiziShop
Available worldwide


  • Secure and hassle-free authentication
  • Fast connection for customers
  • Improved user experience
  • Increased conversion of visitors into customers


Do you want to offer your customers a smooth and fast registration experience on your site? Facebook Simplified Registration is the solution for you! No more long forms and tedious registration. With this tool, your visitors can sign up in just a few clicks using their existing Facebook account. Facebook Simplified Registration is an effective way to attract more customers and reduce the time it takes to sign up. This means your customers won't have to waste time filling out forms and registering before they can access the services or products you offer. Instead, they will be able to use their already registered information on Facebook to immediately create an account on your website. This solution only takes a few seconds: after clicking on the "Register with Facebook" button, your customer can enter their Facebook username and password to complete the registration. Once they have confirmed their account, they can access your site immediately. You can also configure the tool to request additional information via a customizable page or an integrated form, in order to retrieve information about your customers and potential customers. With the simplified Facebook registration, you will also benefit from better security. The feature requires valid credentials: email addresses and passwords provided by Facebook guarantee a high level of security, which means that spammers or other malicious intruders will not be able to access your site. If you're looking for a simple and effective way to allow your customers to quickly register on your e-commerce site, without any extra hassle or effort, then Facebook Simplified Registration is for you! Give them a smooth and satisfying experience, and gain their trust while dramatically increasing the conversion of your visitors into registrants!

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