With Criteo, make your e-commerce a real experience!

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Developed by Wizishop
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  • Increased online sales through better targeted audience
  • Ability to deliver advertising across multiple channels and platforms
  • Detecting trends and buying behaviors to better segment your customers
  • Optimization of the marketing budget through automated advertising distribution
  • Intelligent use of data to develop more effective marketing campaigns


Want to reach consumers where they shop? With Criteo, it's possible. Criteo is a media commerce service dedicated to the open Internet that enables you to enhance the shopper experience with the world's largest open commerce data set. Criteo gives you the ability to reach and engage consumers across all the websites, mobile applications and social platforms they visit to make purchases. Criteo continuously analyzes billions of pieces of data to determine the type of products each person is looking for and uses this knowledge to serve relevant ads. Criteo also offers a comprehensive suite of tools to enable merchants to increase revenue by working with a variety of business partners, including Google Shopping, Amazon Advertising and Bing Ads. These tools include advanced technologies such as machine learning and real-time optimization to improve product visibility and increase qualified traffic to your website. In addition, Criteo offers customized services designed to help merchants leverage e-commerce at all stages of the buying process. And with its integrated multi-channel platform, you can ensure a seamless and consistent experience for your audience at every touchpoint they encounter during their customer journey. Criteo is a powerful tool that can help you increase your online presence and reach potential customers more effectively with a wide range of innovative tools focused on global commerce.

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