Colissimo Privilege

Take advantage of the Colissimo Privilege: more freedom and flexibility.

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Colissimo Privilege
Developed by WiziShop
Available worldwide


  • Fast and safe delivery
  • Online tracking of your package
  • Low rates for your shipments
  • Dedicated telephone assistance
  • International shipping service


With Colissimo Privilege, you can deliver parcels up to 30kg in France and abroad, your parcel will arrive quickly and safely in the hands of your customer. Colissimo Privilege offers several advantages. First of all, the service is fast and reliable, which means that your customer will receive his parcel as soon as possible. In addition, Colissimo Privilege offers affordable rates for all package sizes. Your customer can choose from a wide range of delivery options to meet their specific needs. Finally, thanks to the online tracking provided by Colissimo Privilege, you can easily follow the status of your package and ensure a stress-free delivery. Colissimo Privilege is very simple to use. You simply pack your package according to the instructions provided, then send the package via a postal address or a relay point. Once your customer has received their package, they will be invited to leave a review so you can see if the product was delivered and how it was received. In addition, you can always contact our customer service if you have any questions or concerns regarding the delivery of your package by Colissimo Privilège. Colissimo Privilege is an innovative system that combines speed and reliability to ensure safe delivery. If you want to offer an excellent after-sales service to your customers, then choose Colissimo Privilege!

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