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  • Create a community around your brand
  • Improve the visibility of your online store
  • Write articles to position yourself on more keywords
  • Increase traffic and sales
  • Develop a relational network with your clients


You want to boost your online store and position yourself on keywords to generate more sales? The Blog is for you! With the blog, you can create relevant articles for your store and share interesting content with your customers. The Blog on WiziShop is very easy to use and configure. You can activate or deactivate the blog on your store in just a few clicks. Once activated, you will be able to write articles and publish them directly on your site. You also have the possibility to add images, videos and external links to enrich your content. If you wish, you can also activate comments so that users can interact with your articles. Blogging can be a very useful tool to improve the visibility of your online store. By writing relevant articles about the products you sell, you will improve your ranking on certain keywords that may be searched by users. In addition, by sharing interesting and informative content, you will increase customer engagement and generate more sales. Blogging is a great way to increase visibility and engagement around your online store while generating more sales! So don't hesitate to activate the blog on your WiziShop website to take full advantage of its benefits!

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